Ring Enchantments Potent magics that increase the power of rings significantly. Killing creatures (but not people) will recharge a weapon by a small degree, which can return some of your charge costs, making magical weapons last longer. Know that sometimes spells don't work; there might've made a mistake during the ritual or the spell itself might'… Read More

Effective, attractive indoor lighting setups can easily eat into your photography business's budget if you let it; lights and lighting gear can run in the thousands of dollars. By making it concave, you help to intensify the light and create a spotlight, rather than a soft lighting effect. These lights help visually separate the model from the back… Read More

It's no secret that the iconic motorcycle brand has been moving in a new direction. The Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin never fails to stir up excitement amongst adventure riders, and when the manufacturer chose to revive the iconic Dakar inspired bike in 2016 it's safe to say that the adventure community was eager with anticipation to see how Honda c… Read More

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Anything that gets popular enough on the internet eventually becomes a meme. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the enemy will go for the damage dealers first; Mercy is a very popular target, and you need to be positioning yourself with that in mind. Join the forces of Overwatch and Talon in a thrilling multiplayer first-person shooter from B… Read More